This is who I am...

  • Department Manager
  • Multi Platform Development and Delivery Management
  • Digital Systems Infrastructure
  • Technology Advancement
  • Data Analysis and statistical interpretation

Currently V8 Supercars Digital and Technology Manager since July 2010 performing end to end management of V8 Supercars digital assets including, iOS and Android apps and social networks.

Running under a tight budget and making the best of the available resource with marketing and editorial staff, we've managed to punch well above our weight against the biggest sports in the country and other motor sports across the world.

A role that existed in two companies, crossing over from Telstra’s digital rights ownership to an internally managed option when V8 Supercars opted to retain the digital rights in October 2012.

Not dissimilar to running a standalone business, numerous skill sets are required to be a manager of the department in a 'big' small business, as well as being very much being hands on with asset development, infrastructure management and content publishing.

Working within a sport has also allowed me to develop business management skills particular within a high pressure and extremely demanding environment.


  • Departmental management
  • Software and web application development production
  • Source control
  • Working with-in and managing budgets
  • Managing high pressure and time critical situations
  • Staff management
  • Internal and external business relationship management
  • Digital trends and directions
  • Technology progression and practical usage
  • Digital infrastructure, design, implementation and management
  • Interdepartmental relationship.
  • Lead programmer – Primarily ColdFusion, MySQL, jQuery etc (you should list everything)
  • Construction of V8 Supercars website and web applications infrastructure
  • Creation of digital subscription TV service V8 SuperView for live streaming and full race replays
  • Social media growth of more than 1,500% (yes, that is a real number!) year on year



Current Role: Digital and Technology Manager at V8 Supercars

October 2012 – Present

Managing V8 Supercars digital assets and technology from timing to tipping, making everything work fundamentally and commercially.

In 2013 we launched a completely new website and hosting environment, put out the 2013 version of the timing app for Android and iOS and in under 3 months, created and launched the new IPTV stream product V8 SuperView.

Since then V8 Supercars digital department has continued to progress forward with website traffic growing over +30% and Facebook impressions growing at an extraordinary +473% year on year.

Each event weekend the department of only 3 people roll out leading news and content across a website capable of handling more than 1million daily page views.

V8 Supercars Manager/Producer at BigPond Sport

July 2010 – October 2012 (2 years 4 months)

The V8 Supercar Manager has responsibility for producing and maintaining all V8 Supercar content across the broadband and mobile platforms of the BigPond Sports Portfolio. This includes content, vendor management, marketing and promotions, strategy, component design, implementation and project management.

A large portion of the role’s responsibility is the website but also includes the mobile site and applications and IPTV via the Telstra T-Box and smart TV’s.

The race weekends are the peak traffic periods as well as the only opportunity to gather content for the website to stretch across the 365 days of the year. So an enormous amount of activities go into ensuring the website runs correctly and as much content as possible is gathered.

News is the biggest traffic generator on the website so my re-employment of the editorial team in 2011 has proven to be extremely successful. The website also has critical real time communications to the timing servers at the track which provides live content on the website and distributes to the mobile site and SMS services.

Digital Sales Account Manager at Trading Post (Telstra Classifieds)

June 2009 – June 2010 (1 year 1 month)

Dipping my toe into sales, this role which consequently lead into the above BigPond Sport role, was selling to existing clients and consulting to the existing sales staff on digital advertising assets for as the business evolved from print to digital.

Digital knowledge base for the sales staff for NSW, which included consulting to client, providing, supporting materials and training to sales staff.

Technical Lead at NetX Clemenger BBDO

July 2006 – February 2009 (2 years 8 months)

The role at NetX consisted of two major responsibilities, Technical Lead for a team of up to seven programmers and IT Manger of the internal and live infrastructures.

My team of programmers included ColdFusion backend programmers, HTML front end and Flash ActionScript. The projects ranged from high volume HTML and eDM content to Flash games and major website applications.

Technical Lead at NetX

2006 – 2008 (2 years)

Leading programming team and responsible technical aspects for outgoing digital work as well as IT infrastructure internally and within clients’ web environment.

Included large-scale projects such as as well as eDM’s for Westpac, Virgin Money and many others.

Technical Lead at Clear Blue Day

June 2003 – July 2006 (3 years 2 months)


Reynolds and Reynolds - Dealership Management Systems - Business installation management

Alec Mildren Saab - fully qualified automotive technician


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