The roller coaster is pulling into the station and my time at V8 Supercars is drawing to a close. The dream job is over. This has not been an easy sentence to process internally and it's taking some time for me to feel ok about it, but when the pieces of the puzzle are moved and you're the piece left over that no one knows where to put it, you just have to own it.

You'd think that the hard part is leaving but in fact the difficulty is in the realisation of 'what do I do now?'. The drive and motivation to get your dream job is no longer relevant so where do you draw inspiration from? The answer was actually simple, I just needed to get out there and tell people that I needed a job and as it turned out I only needed to have a few conversations before I found something, and it's something pretty cool!

So in a few weeks I'll finish up here and start a new challenge at Channel 7. It's an exciting time where we are changing from only watching TV on a big screen on the wall to consuming multitudes of content on any screen, anywhere, so I'm very excited to be right in the middle of that.

I will certainly miss a lot of people at the race track but I guess I will just need to be content to simply be a fan again.