I test rode a Yamaha MT-07 recently and even though I already knew I wanted one, and nothing was going to convince me otherwise, I thought it was best to at the very least ride one.

The first and most obvious thing I noticed was how little there was in front of you. Of course we're talking about a sports bike versus a naked bike so it seem like a reasonably obvious expectation but it was still an exhilarating difference. 


If you’ve found this page via Google then I don’t need to tell you about the power by comparison, and I particularly don’t need to tell you about the torque…but I will anyway. It’s awesome!

The difference not only makes it more fun to ride, der, but it also makes the riding experience easier and safer. The ease of moving off from a stand still was like spreading toast with warm butter instead of a frozen chunk of ice. You could just let the clutch out and it would start to pull away then the gentlest of throttle was enough to put a safe gap between you and cars behind.

The very short ride I had I felt far more in control and ready to move out of the way of anything that tried to impeach my lane, which you’ve experienced at least once if you’ve ridden in Sydney for any more than 5 minutes in your life.